South Mountain School of Horsemanship, LLC.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SMSH is no longer accepting students.

South Mountain School of Horsemanship is first and foremost a teaching facility. Lessons, whether they focus on riding, lunging, trailer loading, tack cleaning, or anything else, are our first priority. Good horsemanship is key, putting the horse's needs and care first.

Students at SMSH won't just learn how to ride. Students will learn how to work with and control horses from the ground - how to stay safe and build a relationship built on respect with every horse they come into contact with.

In addition to learning proper riding position and techniques students at SMSH will learn useful training exercises and drills for both themselves and their horse. Every rider is a trainer whether they know it or not. Every time you interact with your horse he is learning something. Is he learning to be pushy, disrespectful, or dangerous? Or is he learning to focus on what you're asking him to do? To be polite and gentle? To soften in his body and in the bridle? To be sensitive but not reactive? Cassandra knows that most of her students have hopes of purchasing their own horse someday - she wants to help her students and their future horses to have the best relationship possible.

South Mountain School of Horsemanship is now an Adult-Only program.